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This page is no longer being updated (last update 2014). Due to popular demand we will keep it online nevertheless and may one day have another go at keeping it current.

Here you can find information to help you buy translation services as well as resources for technical authors and publishers of foreign-language documents.

Computer-aided translation and machine translation
For an explanation of these terms, see the LinkGlossary
External linkTranslators Training: Video presentations provide an introduction to the available CAT applications – a useful aid for those wanting to introduce CAT in their organisation. English
Alan K. Melby: External linkWhy Can’t a Computer Translate More Like a Person? English
Lynn E. Webb: External linkAdvantages and Disadvantages of Translation Memory: A [detailed] Cost/Benefit Analysis English
Free online machine translation
To assess the quality of these services, let them translate a text into your own language.
BabelFish: External English
Systran: External English
Google: External English German
Localisation, globalisation, and internationalisation
For an explanation of these terms, see the LinkGlossary
External linkUnicode Consortium: Comprehensive information about Unicode. English
Resources for technical writers, editors and proofreaders TopTop 
External linkThe Electric Editors: “If you’re a professional editor (or anyone with an interest in preparing the written word for publication), the Electric Editors are here to help. On these pages you’ll find a comprehensive collection of resources to help you in your work.” English
External linkSociety for Editors and Proofreaders: A non-profit organization with the aims of promoting high editorial standards and achieving recognition of the professional status of its members. English
External linkSociety for Technical Communication: “The resources you need to help you do your job better... and to move your career forward.” English
External linktekom: German professional association for technical communication and information development. English  German
Translator and interpreter lists TopTop 
External linkGoTranslators: Large, searchable translators directory. English  German
The following professional associations maintain searchable member directories on their websites:

External linkATICOM – German association of translators and interpreters German
External linkAUSIT – Australian Institute of Interpreters and Translators English
External linkBDÜ – German Translators and Interpreters Association English  German
External linkGALA – International non-proft organisation that promotes, among other things, translation services English
External linkIoL – British Institute of Linguists English
External linkITA – Irish Translators’ & Interpreters’ Association English
External linkITI – British Institute of Translation and Interpreting English
External linkNAATI – Australian National Accreditation Authority for Translators & Interpreters English
External linkNCATA – National Capital Area Chapter of the ATA English
External linkUNIVERSITAS: – Austrian Translators and Interpreters Association English  German
Currency converters TopTop 
External Currency Converter English German
External linkOanda Currency Converter English
External linkThe Universal Currency Converter from English
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