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This page is no longer being updated (last update 2014). Due to popular demand we will keep it online nevertheless and may one day have another go at keeping it current.

This list of programs is aimed mainly at translators and others working with more than one language.

Translation memory and CAT suites TopTop 
External linkacross: Eats memory, is slow . Most translators I have spoken to give this product the hands down.
External linkAnaphraseus: A TM application consisting of a set of macros. Uses the WordFast TM format and supports TMX export and import.
External linkCafetran
External linkDéjà Vu from Atril. The translation memory system of choice for many freelance translators, with excellent productivity features and user support.
External linkHeartsome: CAT tools based on open standards that work on all platforms – Windows, Linux, Macintosh, Solaris.
External linkTranslation Technology: A range of translation environment applications.
External linkKilgray memoQ
External linkMetaTexis
External linkMaxprograms: Swordfish Translation Editor, RemoteTM & Stingray Document Aligner.
External linkMultitrans from Multicorpora.
External LinkNoBabel TM and alignment program.
External linkOmegaT and External linkOmegaT+: Open-source translation memory program for any platform supporting the Java Runtime Environment. Has been successfully installed on Windows, Macintosh OS X and Linux.
External linkSDL Trados: The leading CAT suite, sold, since the purchase of Trados by SDL International, in a package together with the SDLX translation suite. SDL International also publishes other translation-related software.
External linkSimilis
External LinkSwordfish Translation Editor: CAT tool on XLIFF 1.2 open standard published by OASIS. Can be used with Windows, Mac OS and Linux.
External linkTransit: Translation memory and terminology management application from Star. Excellent productivity features and flexible management of reference text.
External linkWebBudget: Localization and analysis tool designed specifically for web content.
External linkWebWordSystem
External linkWordfast: Cost-effective translation memory engine for Microsoft Word for Windows and Mac.
Translation memory and CAT accessories TopTop 
External linkAlignFactory Alignment tool from Terminotix.
External linkApSIC Comparator: Provides functionality similar to MS Word’s Track Changes function for Trados uncleaned files (.doc and .rtf), Trados TagEditor files (.ttx), and SDLX files (.itd). (Free)
External linkApSIC Xbench: Terminology search and quality control tool for various TM file formats. Includes a concordance search function. Many supported formats, including those of Trados SDLX, Transit, Wordfast, TMX, TBX, IBM TM and the Microsoft glossaries.
External LinkClay Tablet: Extracts text from any content management system for translation, for example using CAT.
External linkCopyFlow: Programs for exporting text from Quark XPress and InDesign for and re-importing after translation. Run under Windows and Mac OSX.
External LinkImage Localization Manager: Image localization program. (Free)
External linkSysfilter: Programs for exporting text from Visio, Excel, InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop and CorelDraw into Word and re-importing after translation.
External linkTwins File Merger: Program for merging several files into one large file. Useful, for example, for TM projects consisting of many MS Word or text files.
External linkWerecat: A template for MS Word to help Wordfast users. Extracts text from PowerPoint and from Word textboxes and shapes to Word.
Software localisation TopTop 
External linkAlchemy Catalyst: “is the world's most recognized visual localization technology.” (publisher’s quote)
External linkiLocalize: Application for localization of Mac OSX applications.
External linkLingobit Localizer: Localization tool for MFC, .NET, Delphi and Java based applications.
External linkMultilizer
External linkVirtaal: A graphical translation tool, aimed mainly at software translation.
Terminology management & research (most LinkTM and CAT suites also feature terminology maintenance) TopTop 
External linkacrolinx terminology management tool
External linkAnyLexic: Terminology management software.
External linkIntelliWebSearch: Allows searching in any search engine for highlighted terms in any program.
External linkLingo: Glossary creation and management tool.
External linkQuabiria: Search toolbar for Firefox and Internet Explorer, developed for translation industry professionals. (Free)
External linkLogiTerm: Terminology management application from Terminotix.
External linkMozilla Internet Dictionary: Firefox add-on for terminology search simultaneously in any number of online dictionaries, glossaries and encyclopediae.
External linkT-Manager: Terminology tool designed to automatically analyse, customise and manage terminology on the fly using MS Excel spreadsheets.
Word counting, invoicing and project management TopTop 
External linkAnyCount: Produces automatic word counts, character counts, line counts, and page counts for common file formats.
External linkCompleteWordCount: MS Word macro that counts words in a document including headers, footers, text boxes and comments. (Free)
External linkT.O.M.: Translation Office Management software – “Manage your projects, addresses, finances, correspondence and schedules efficiently!”
External linkTranslation Office 3000: “An advanced accounting tool for freelance translators and small translation agencies.”
External linkverbunsoft QuickCount: Word, character and line counting for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, WordPerfect, HTML, XML, SGML, PDF, ASP and PHP files.
Time tracking TopTop 
External linkClementime: A simple stopwatch program. (Free)
External linkExactSpent: Time tracking software that enables you to calculate the exact time spent on each job. You can track multiple jobs for multiple clients in a single place.”
Keyboard shortcut and macro utilities TopTop 
External linkPerfect Keyboard: Versatile keyboard shortcut utility.
Searching and replacing TopTop 
External linkBKReplaceEm: Text search and replace program. Multiple search and replace strings, which can be saved together with file sets to be processed. (Free)
External linkFunduc WordSR, External linkExcelSR and External linkPwrPtSR: Macros for replacing text in multiple Word, Excel and PowerPoint files respectively. (Free)
Unit conversion TopTop 
External linkConvert: Simple but effective, reasonably comprehensive and free unit converter.
External linkMeasure: Converts the most common units. (Free)
External linkOmniCon: Comprehensive unit conversion program, covering everything from distance to kinematic viscosity as well as user-definable conversions.
Dictation – speech recognition TopTop 
External linkDragon NaturallySpeaking: The leading desktop speech recognition software. Lets you dictate text and control your computer with voice commands.
OCR (optical character recognition) and file converters TopTop 
External linkABBYY FineReader: Converts paper print and PDF files into documents. Mac version available.
External linkABBYY PDF Transformer: Converts PDF documents to an editable format. Less expensive than FineReader.
External linkECM Sysfilter: Programs for exporting and re-importing text from a range of file types (Illustrator, Photoshop, Visio, InDesign, CorelDraw) for editing in Microsoft Word or translation memory applications
External linkOmniPage Pro: Converts paper print and PDF files into documents.
External linkOmniPage PDF Converter: Converts PDF documents to an editable format. Less expensive than OmniPage Pro.
External linkPDF2HTML 0.1: Converts PDF files to HTML complete with layout. Front-end for the sourceforge External linkpdftohtml command-line tool (free; front-end has German user interface)
Essentials TopTop 
External LinkClipboardFusion: Pastes text from the clipboard without formatting (i.e. removes all rich and, optionally, HTML formatting before pasting). (Freeware)
External LinkPureText: Pastes text from the clipboard without formatting (i.e. removes all rich formatting before pasting). (Freeware)
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