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Here are just some of the unsolicited comments received from a few of our customers:

“Considering the modest source text, I think you have done an excellent job; sounds really good.”
Jutta Hellmich, IFA-TRADUCTO GmbH
“Fine translation – with expressions that fit and that we would probably never have thought of...”
Rainer Wührer, halm.kaschnig.wührer architekten
“I am as thrilled as the first time ... I’m really glad to have found you!”
Edith Ochoa
“It is a pleasure working with you. We were especially impressed with your quality and your professional approach in technical translation and the fast turnaround in our website - resulting from your ability to work effectively with our CMS without significant problems or the need for support. This cooperation has been fun.”
Thomas Liebsch, ATN GmbH Neugersdorf
“You were the only one who ... pointed out that we could save time and money if we provided an existing translation. A partner who thinks on our behalf!”
Christian Vogl, Kulicke & Soffa Europe GmbH
“It is great fun working with you.”
Alexander Focke,
“With this translation, you have surpassed yourself. Truly masterful – and under time pressure, too!”
Peter Leunig, Leunig GmbH
“Our US sales operation has ... praised the fluent style. Sales are highly satisfied and have requested that this translator also handle future sales documents.”
Susanne Ludewig, GROUP Technologies AG
“I think it’s great how you question the texts! It was a great pleasure working with you.”
Andrea Fäh, Tanzlicht
“Thank you for the speedy delivery of the translation! Makes ordering a pure pleasure!”
Christoph Perret, ATN Applikationstechnik Neugersdorf GmbH
“I know that I receive conscientiously produced quality work from you, far above the average standard.”
Peter Hockamp, Moeller GmbH
“Many thanks for the fast completion of our text. You have left a very good impression. Thank you also for pointing out the mistakes in the German text.”
Joerg Melnicky, Schmidt-Kupplung GmbH
“Our cooperation is working really well. Thanks again for your excellent collaboration!”
Khalil Ziad, ARC Leichtmetallkompetenzzentrum Ranshofen GmbH
“We want to thank you ... for your reliable and brilliant cooperation.”
Elke Neumann, More Media GmbH
“Many thanks for your fast and uncomplicated help.”
Jacqueline Sieg, Institut for International Product Safety GmbH
“In your translations of my artistic concepts, press releases and CD- and DVD booklets, with their often complex content, I feel understood and sense that you convey my personal form of expression to best effect.”
Katja Cruz-Curtis, vocalist
“Thank you for your support and for thinking on your feet.”
Ms Bayer, HKSE Engineering GmbH
“The customer was very happy with the translation.”
Cecilia Sanna, Project Manager, SciTech Communications GmbH
“The reviewer found the translation to be very good!”
Christiane Tupac, TPR International
“Thrilled to hear you agreed to do our job ... We rely on you for the software know-how.”
Roy Fox, Fox Coffey KEG