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On this page we will update you from time to time with new services and activities from trans|k as well as relevant news and articles from other sources.

The trans|art team has grown

27 August 2019Due to ever increasing demand, a third translator has joined our arts translation team

Andrea Huber

Having recently acquired a number of new clients in the arts sector, trans|art has added a third member to its team this May. As an opera singer, Andrea Huber appeared on stages in lead roles in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Ireland and the USA as well as on television. She taught voice, acting and Audition Training at the American Institute of Musical Studies (AIMS in Graz) for 14 years, and served as Artistic and Development Director there for four years. Besides teaching and translating, Andrea provides consultation on English-language presentations to politicians and managers. After earning her diploma as Transpersonal Sound Therapist, she established her company Making Waves.

trans|art offers language and translation services in the arts and cultural sector that is based on in-depth knowledge of the cultural landscape in German- and English-speaking countries and on many years’ experience in the field of translation. With her extensive, varied experience in the arts as well as her formidable language skills, Andrea is the perfect addition to our team.

Dominik Kreuzer is ECQA Certified Terminology Manager

24 October 2018Dominik Kreuzer has achieved ECQA certification as Terminologist

ECQA-Certified Terminology Manager - Advanced

On 12 October this year, Dominik was formally awarded ECQA certification as Terminology Manager at Advanced level.

ISO 12100

7 October 2018Dominik Kreuzer is ISO 17100 Qualified

ISO 17100 Qualified

On 28 September, Dominik was awarded ISO 12100:2015 Qualified status under an initiative by the Institute of Translation and Interpreting (ITI).

ISO 17100:2015 is the internationally recognised standard for translation services and was created to respond to the market need for a universally accepted benchmark. Translators need to be able to demonstrate they have the necessary qualifications and experience. Due to the stringent entry requirements for ITI members (MITI) and fellows (FITI), they will, in almost all cases, meet the requirements for the standard. Under the new initiative, ITI can authenticate this and award the qualified status.

Terminology Triumphant

1 September 2018Article published in ITI Bulletin

Terminology Triumphant article in ITI Bulletin

In July of this year, Dominik attended the Terminology Summer School (TSS), a five-day course on the topic of terminology management. The course is held annually by TermNet, an international co-operation network for companies, organisations and institutions that engage in the further development of the global terminology market.

Terminology management is increasingly recognised as a core aspect of corporate branding and knowledge management that helps eliminate communication problems, boost market penetration and corporate image, and cuts the costs of documentation, localisation and translation. Dominik's report on the TSS has been published in the September/October issue of the ITI Bulletin, the bimonthly journal of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting.

Staff (status) change

1 April 2018Antonia Zangger-Kreuzer goes freelance

As of 1 April, Antonia Zangger-Kreuzer has left trans|k. An invaluable team member, she continues to work for trans|k on a freelance basis, carrying out revisions and translations and providing her expertise in the extensive field of culture and the arts.

trans|k spends time in England

8 January 2018trans|k is taking a working holiday in the UK

Good translators maintain their working languages and their social and cultural knowledge. That’s why, for the period from 8 January to 13 March 2018, we have moved our office to England. When we’re not working, we take part in everyday life here, use the opportunity to visit our British customers and colleagues and attend professional development events.

We will, of course, continue to be available to our customers during our stay in the UK and can be reached by phone and e-mail as normal.

A new family member

26 September 2016Welcome Frederick

On 9 September, our son Frederick was born. After a week-long hospital stay he and his mother are at home again. Following a two week break, trans|k is open for business again as of today (26/9/2016).

In support of a good cause

08 May 2016trans|k supports Ride 4 Women with English web texts

Initiated by gynaecologist Dr. René Laky, Ride 4 Women aim so increase awareness of womens' cancers and their treatment possibilities. In cooperation with charity Österreichische Krebshilfe, donations are collected to help support affected women.

Each year, a cycle race through Europe is held to raise awareness of issues surrounding ovarian, cervical, uterine and vaginal cancer. This year's tour is the third and started on 1 May in Vienna. It spans 1883 kilometres through Austria, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria and Greece before arriving in Istanbul in Turkey two weeks later.

trans|k provided the English translation of the initiative's website on a pro bono basis. We are pleased to support this exceptional project, thereby helping the initiative to achieve its aims also abroad.

Follow the team's progress here:

First exams passed with flying colours

11 January 2016Antonia Zangger-Kreuzer passes first translation exams.

Since September 2015, Antonia Zangger-Kreuzer, who joined trans|k in 2014, is studying translation at German academy AKAD. Following the successful completion of her first two exams – German Language and English for Professional Purposes – with grade A she also passed her third exam, in German Studies, with flying colours.

New Staff, New Service – trans|k is Expanding

05 May 2014With new team member Antonia Zangger trans|k has expanded its services into translation in the field of art and cultural history and now also offers a consulting service tailored to small companies.

Earlier this year Antonia Zangger joined trans|k. An active performing artist and dramaturg, she is responsible at trans|k for the field of art and cultural history. The addition also means that work can now be reviewed in-house, which helps reduce both turnaround times and costs and ensure a consistently high standard of translation.

One of the tasks of a translation service provider is to help customers optimize their foreign-language documentation process. Because planning ahead helps avoid problems later on, trans|k now offers consulting independently of its translation service. The new service is aimed mainly at smaller companies taking their first steps towards international sales and marketing activities.

The new company website provides information about these new services as well as trans|k’s traditional field of technical translation.

Legacy Resources Pages

05 May 2014 – Because of their popularity we have decided to retain the resource listing pages from our former website. Until we have decided how to incorporate them in the new website concept, they are available – still in their old clothes – here: