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Here are some of the unsolicited comments received from our customers over the past 20 years:

“Thank you so much for your accuracy, your smart question and that you have really given it your all. I very much appreciate it.”
Elisabeth Harnik, musician and composer, 2023
“Amazing response time, thanks! Quality oustanding, goes without saying.“
Josef Puschitz, freelance journalist, 2023
“At this point I want to thank you for the forever reliable and punctual delivery of the translations. It makes for an uncomplicated collaboration with you and I always look forward to new jobs.
I also want to thank you for your ideas, thoughts and suggestions for improving our documents, for pointing out errors and for your critical remarks.”

Gabriele Katzer, ATN Hölzel GmbH, 2020
“Nicely formulated, your translation of the foreword. Once again better than my original.”
Alfred Woll, author of The Art of Mandolin Making, 2020
“You have surpassed yourselves yet again, both in speed and accuracy. Many thanks!”
“Your meticulous research is great; you don’t ever miss a mistake in our texts...!”

Monika Laxgang, Munich Philharmonic, 2019
“We greatly appreciate your work and are glad to have such a conscientious translator at our side, and with a fine sense of humour at that.”
Madeleine Diederich, Gasteig München GmbH, 2019
“Many thanks, Dominik, for the quick delivery. The customer has also expressed their gratitude:
"Incredible that you were able to do it that quickly. Please send a big THANK YOU to the translator!"“

Geronimo Gilardini, STAR Deutschland GmbH, 2019
“Thank you, wonderful as ever. And thank you also for the prompt completion”
Christian Muthspiel, musician and composer, 2017
“Fine translation – with expressions that fit and that we would probably never have thought of...”
Rainer Wührer, halm.kaschnig.wührer architekten, 2017
“Thank you for your reliable and professional work.”
Hanne Muthspiel, passwort:klassik, 2016
“I am as thrilled as the first time ... I’m really glad to have found you!”
Edith Ochoa, artist manager, 2016
“Considering the modest source text, I think you have done an excellent job; sounds really good.”
Jutta Hellmich, IFA-TRADUCTO GmbH, 2016
“I think it’s great how you question the texts! It was a great pleasure working with you.”
Andrea Fäh, Tanzlicht, 2014
“The customer called again especially to thank you for your committment and for the fast delivery! They were very, very happy that we we were already able to deliver today.”
Nicole Maurer, STAR Deutschland GmbH, 2014
“Many thanks for the fast completion of our text. You have left a very good impression. Thank you also for pointing out the mistakes in the German text.”
Joerg Melnicky, Schmidt-Kupplung GmbH, 2012
“It is great fun working with you.”
Alexander Focke,, 2008
“It is a pleasure working with you. We were especially impressed with your quality and your professional approach in technical translation and the fast turnaround in our website - resulting from your ability to work effectively with our CMS without significant problems or the need for support. This cooperation has been fun.”
Thomas Liebsch, ATN GmbH Neugersdorf, 2008
“I know that I receive conscientiously produced quality work from you, far above the average standard.”
Peter Hockamp, Moeller GmbH, 2007
“You were the only one who ... pointed out that we could save time and money if we provided an existing translation. A partner who thinks on our behalf!”
Christian Vogl, Kulicke & Soffa Europe GmbH, 2006
“Our US sales operation has ... praised the fluent style. Sales are highly satisfied and have requested that this translator also handle future sales documents.”
Susanne Ludewig, GROUP Technologies AG, 2004
“Thrilled to hear you agreed to do our job ... We rely on you for the software know-how.”
Roy Fox, Fox Coffey KEG, 2004
“With this translation, you have surpassed yourself. Truly masterful – and under time pressure, too!”
Peter Leunig, Leunig GmbH